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Dr. Vicky Speaks To Bite Magazine About Mindfulness & Meditation At Your Next Visit

Principal Dentist at iDental Surgery and Lead Coach at Above It, Dr. Vicky Prokopiou recently sat down with Bite Magazine to discuss the integration of mindfulness and meditation into her dental practice. In the interview, Dr. Vicky shares her expert insights on how these practices can enhance patient care and improve overall workplace well-being. Her […]

Listen Again: Dr. Vicky’s New Recipe Book On 2GB & 4BC

Master Your Meals: Quick, Nutritious Recipes For Your Busy Lifestyle Embracing Holistic Health: My Journey To “Master Your Meals” As both a dedicated dentist and passionate wellness advocate, I’ve always been deeply committed to promoting a holistic approach to health. This commitment stems not only from my professional experience but also from my personal life, […]

The Dentist’s Guide To Health Shots

Balancing Wellness & Oral Health As a dentist deeply immersed in the wellness community, I’ve witnessed first-hand the trend of health shots—those vibrant, potent, delicious concoctions of cold-pressed juices brimming with vitamins, antioxidants, turmeric, ginger, fruits, and vegetables. Embraced by health-conscious and fitness-minded individuals, these shots are celebrated for their countless benefits, from boosting immunity […]

Kiss With Confidence This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day on February 14, now is the time to get prepared. From booking restaurants, to organising babysitters, picking out an outfit and, of course, we can’t forget about our mouth. With Cupid’s arrows flying around, it is important to be able to kiss with confidence. Here are a few of our tips: Get […]