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Guided Biofilm Technology

Welcome to your Dental Spa Complete Wellness™ experience at iDental Surgery®, where we blend Swiss precision with spa-like luxury, using the latest in dental hygiene technology. Feel and see our revolutionary hygiene care with EMS AIRFLOW® and Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)—the gold standard in preventive and maintenance care endorsed by dental professionals worldwide.

What is EMS AIRFLOW®? EMS AIRFLOW® revolutionises dental care by delivering a non-contact method that combines air, warm water, and fine sweet powder. This system efficiently cleans teeth and removes debris, plaque, and stains from the most difficult areas. Quicker, cleaner, and more pleasant than traditional methods, it offers a spa-like experience with every session.

How does EMS AIRFLOW® and Guided Biofilm Therapy work? GBT, following protocols recommended by the European Federation of Periodontology, is a systematic, scientific approach aimed at maintaining oral health and preventing disease. The process starts with applying a disclosing dye that reveals dental plaque, allowing our clinicians to target the biofilm effectively. EMS AIRFLOW® then gently yet thoroughly removes the biofilm, preventing gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. The treatment is versatile and essential for cleaning orthodontic brackets, dentures, and implants to prevent peri-implantitis.

GBT not only cleans but also minimises discomfort during dental cleanings. By focusing on prevention and using minimally invasive techniques, we give you a pleasant and effective treatment, significantly reducing the risk of inflammation around your teeth.

If you’re eager to elevate your dental health and experience care at its peak, call iDental Surgery at (02) 9557 7775 to book your appointment. Embrace the future of dental care with our EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master and take a significant step towards optimal oral and systemic health.

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