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iDental541 Referral Rewards

Earn Rewards For Referring New Patients

Are you already part of the iDental Surgery family? We’re offering you a fantastic chance to earn rewards on your upcoming visit simply by recommending new patients to us!

For each new patient you refer to us, you’ll receive a $5 discount on your next visit.

PLUS, the new patient you introduce will also enjoy a $5 discount on their first visit!

Spread the word, Sydney!

This is our iDental541 offer… $5 off for every referral (a little nod to our address at 541 King Street, Newtown).

Terms & Conditions (Please Read)

AU$5.00 discount will be applied as credit to the referrer and referree’s patient file upon completion of the referree’s first appointment. If health fund covers total cost of appointment, then the AU$5.00 credit will be retained for the following visit, or until the health fund no longer covers the total cost of appointment. If it is a gap payment or full fee payment, then the AU$5.00 credit will be instantly deducted from the outstanding amount.

Only one referrer will be accepted per referred patient (e.g. two existing patients cannot refer the same new patient). If the referred patient (referree) does not book nor attend their appointment, neither AU$5.00 discount will be applied to the referrer or referree’s patient file. Referred patients must be linked and confirmed as referred to by an existing patient of iDental Surgery. If the referred patient does not attend their confirmed appointment they will forfeit the AU$5.00 discount and may be required to pay a late Rescheduling Fee as per our Patient Policy. If the referred patient does not attend their confirmed appointment, the referrer does not receive a AU$5.00 discount. The AU$5.00 does not expire, however, iDental Surgery reserves the right to remove any discount amount(s) if the referral scheme is found to be abused or in breach. AU$5.00 is non-transferrable, non-refundable, cannot be exchanged for cash and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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