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Dental Hygiene Visits

Discover personalised oral care at iDental Surgery. Our Complete Wellness™ Hygiene program is specifically designed for your body’s needs. Experience a warm, nurturing environment featuring innovative treatments like ozone water—a gentle, effective alternative to traditional mouth rinses and EMS Airflow® “Guided Biofilm Therapy”. Start your journey towards a healthier, happier smile with us today!”

Dental hygiene visits are more than just a checkup and clean. We may recommend hygiene recare every 3 months, depending on all the information that we gather. Two to three visits per year are the average number of visits you may need. But if we find that you’ve got moderate to high risk gum disease, we’ll see you more often.

Hygiene visits are extremely important, even if you think that you are using the best electric toothbrush, water flosser or floss and mouthwash. And especially if you think that nothing is wrong because you have no pain! The absence of dental pain does not always mean that everything is ok in your mouth. Things may look ok but it’s what’s under your gums that reveals the truth about how healthy your mouth and body are.

It is at these visits that our team will check your oral health, and teeth, discuss their findings and of course address all of your concerns. You’ll receive a customised treatment plan, including your hygiene treatment requirements. A treatment plan will allow us to identify, prioritise and plan your future visits because we want to ensure that you are healthy. 

Please ask questions. We encourage you to chat to us about your concerns that you may have regarding your dental health, smile and face. Let’s work together to make your oral health as optimal as possible.

What To Expect At Your Visit

Your oral health (teeth, mouth, gums, tongue, surrounding associated facial structures) will be carefully examined. X-rays may be taken to aid our clinical investigations, we’ll use plaque-disclosing solution on your teeth, and your teeth will be ultrasonically cleared of biofilm and air polished using a special antimicrobial powder. One key thing to remember is that your hygiene treatment will likely be started at your next visit.

Your personalised treatment plan will be formulated. Your next visit will be booked in. 

If you are anxious, we offer happy gas. We can also offer local anaesthetic injections to sensitive areas. 

Please let the team know if you’re anxious and we can answer any questions.

PLUS enjoy our complimentery iDental Surgery Hygiene Pack full of goodies following your first visit.

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