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Dental Hygiene Visits

Dental hygiene visits are extremely important for maintaining good oral health. They are usually recommended every 4 to 6 months. Two to three visits per year are the average number of visits you may need.

Hygiene visits, also known as dental checkups are extremely important, even if you think that you are using the best electric toothbrush and flossing regularly. And  especially if you think that nothing is wrong because you have no pain! The absence of dental pain does not always mean that everything is ok in your mouth.

It is at these visits that your dentist will check your oral health, teeth and discuss their findings and your concerns. Together, you will discuss possible treatment options and prioritise your treatment to create a unique treatment plan just for you. A treatment plan will allow us to identify, prioritise and plan your future visits. 

Please ask questions. We encourage you to chat to us about your concerns that you may have regarding your dental health, smile and face. Let’s work together to make your experience unlike any other.

What To Expect At Your Visit

Your oral health (teeth, mouth, gums, tongue, surrounding associated facial structures) will be carefully examined. X-rays may be taken, your teeth will be ultrasonically cleaned and polished. Your personalised treatment plan will be formulated. Your next visit will be booked in. X-rays are diagnostic tools that allow the dentist to see what they cannot see with the naked eye.

If you are anxious, we offer happy gas. We can also offer local anaesthetic injections to sensitive areas. 

Please let the team know if you need happy gas or numbing so that they can advise you of additional costs. You will require a trial visit with happy gas before your hygiene appointment if you want happy gas.

PLUS enjoy our complimentery iDental Surgery Hygiene Pack full of educational goodies following your first visit.

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