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Dental X-Rays

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Digital x-rays are the only way to see what is happening beneath your gums and between your teeth.

X-rays are necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment, including monitoring for decay, when you have a toothache or facial swelling, periodontal (gum) disease, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth assessment, Invisalign, all extractions and dental trauma/accidents.

Dental x-rays allow us to see what we cannot see with the naked eye. At iDental Surgery, we believe in prevention and not letting problems get too large so that you don’t experience unnecessary dental pain or more expensive treatments. Without x-rays, we cannot be sure that your existing fillings are strong, that you do not have tooth decay or gum disease, that those missing wisdom teeth are not actually impacted, that your broken tooth can be saved or that your jaw bones are actually healthy.

Is It Safe To Take Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are very safe, even if they are absolutely required in pregnancy. Though we do avoid unnecessary x-rays in general, particularly during pregnancy just to be extra careful. Both children and adults can have x-rays taken inside and outside of their mouth.

The amount of radiation is one of the lowest for any x-ray you can have taken of your body. Several dental x-rays give you about the same exposure as you would get on a short 1-2 hour domestic flight. You will notice that your dentist and dental nurse leave the room during your x-ray. It is only because we take so many x-rays every day and we need to limit their exposure.

Digital intraoral x-rays and OPG x-rays are used together with our expert clinical assessment, digital intraoral camera and 3D scanner if needed to help explain and show you what is going on in your mouth. iDental Surgery wants you to understand your mouth and what better way than seeing your mouth on a screen! We love pictures and we love to have you on board with your treatment options and treatment plan.

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