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Mindfulness & Meditation

We Understand You & Care For Your Wellbeing

Dr. Vicky Prokopiou, Principal Dentist, through her coaching at Above It, has created a relaxing environment for her team and clients.

Let us know if you are anxious or if you need some time to unwind before or after your appointment.

We can help you relax by turning down the lights and playing some short mindfulness and meditation tracks created by Dr Vicky Prokopiou, Principal Dentist

We also have wind chimes and singing bowls to help you engage your inner musical self and release your stress.

Just ask us about it when you book your visit and we can allocate a bit more time for your visit.

At iDental Surgery, we also have happy gas to help you further ease those nerves and have a very relaxing dental experience, unlike any other.

What Is Mindfulness & Meditation?

Mindfulness is bringing yourself back to your present moment and being aware of your body, surroundings, mood and feelings.

Meditation is for everyone. Learn to let go of all your stresses and anxiety. Meditation can be done anywhere, even at iDental Surgery. We can show you how.

Tune back in to yourself by listening to your mind, body and soul.



Guided Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises

The Power Of Sound
Guided Sound Relaxation

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