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Tooth Extractions

Extractions can sound scary and make you anxious. Yes it is a small operation and a part of your body has to be parted with. But you’d be surprised how common tooth extractions are and how non-scary they actually are. We perform extractions on both children and adults.

Know that our team here at iDental Surgery is highly skilled in helping you be comfortable and will happily talk you through the whole procedure to let you know exactly what is going on. Sometimes it is requested that we speak minimally about the procedure during the procedure and that is ok too. We are here to do whatever makes you feel more at ease.

There are many reasons why teeth need to be extracted. You may be in pain, have a swelling, crowding, have a cracked tooth, a broken tooth, tooth decay, a tooth that cannot be saved, a wisdom tooth or a baby tooth that is blocking the way for an adult tooth. Generally these days orthodontic extractions are not usually performed.

We do all general wisdom tooth extractions right here. No need for a referral and no need to travel, unless you have a very tricky case or prefer sedation, where an oral surgeon will be recommended.

What we will require prior to all extractions is an updated x-ray. And we will likely have to send you to a local imaging centre to have a bulk billed OPG x-ray so that we can further understand your tooth’s anatomy, where roots lie and to check that your head and neck are healthy as far as we and the radiologist can see.

We offer nitrous oxide sedation (happy gas) along with gentle injection techniques using topical numbing gel and our amazing wand. We try our best to ease your concerns by using up-to-date technology and techniques. Soothing music or a relaxing tv show also help to take your mind away from actually being at the dentist. So much so you could even fall asleep. It often happens!

Dr. Vicky (Principal Dentist) and her team are highly skilled in making your experience as calming as possible.

What You Will Feel During An Extraction

You will have a topical gel and local anaesthetic applied to your gums around the tooth or teeth to be extracted. This can taste bitter or unpleasant. Soon after we apply local anaesthetic. This will numb your tooth/teeth and gums or even your tongue. That is completely normal. Sometimes the back of your throat can feel a little numb. Rest assured within 2-6 hours you should return back to normal, depending on the long or short acting anaesthetic that was applied. You will have pain or may just have some slight discomfort, usually at the injection sites more so than where the tooth was actually extracted!

You will feel a pushing pressure sensation but not pain. If you feel anything other than this during the procedure please let us know. This can be a bit uncomfortable especially if your tooth is infected.

You will hear cracking noises. Or even have a drill used to section your tooth/teeth or remove some bone from around the tooth. All completely normal! And of course you will hear the loud suction, though you can choose to also wear your own earphones or Bluetooth earphones that we provide.

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