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5 Things To Know About Your First Dental Visit With Us

Some people may book in to see their hairdresser or barber, others will go and get their nails done or go and have a therapeutic massage. While many of us will go and see our families after many long months apart. The choices are endless.

But, EVERYONE should go and get their mouth and teeth looked at by a dentist. You never know what surprises are lurking beneath.

My team and I would love it if you chose us to care for you. No matter who you choose, know that you are doing the best thing for your health.

Did you know that if you have poor oral health, it can lead to or worsen many other health problems? These include uncontrolled diabetes, pain, heart disease, stroke and gum disease.

If your gums bleed when you brush or floss or if you have pain, do come in and see us when we are up and running. Your gums do not bleed from flossing but bleed because you have inflammation and when you floss puffy gums of course they bleed. This is not normal and is a sign that your gums are unhealthy.

The 5 Things That You Need To Know Before Your First Dental Visit With Us

1. We want you to feel relaxed

We understand that you may be apprehensive or anxious when coming to the dentist. Please forget the associations that you may have with going to the dentist. And pretty please remember that our dentists and team are people with feelings just like you. Stay positive and know that you will be in an ambient environment.

This is why we have created a gorgeous new practice that makes you feel like you aren’t at a dental surgery. From the moment that you enter, you will feel welcomed and comfortable. As you sit and breathe, you will soon realise that your senses are soothed.

2. We care for you and your wellbeing

We want you to know that when we ask you to complete your details and medical history it is so that we can gain a more detailed picture of you as a whole. We are all about your wellness.

We know it can feel tedious, especially if you are tired or in pain. This is why you may receive an email with a link to fill out any forms in your own time on your device at home or be given a tablet to use at iDental Surgery if you’ve just walked in or have forgotten to complete your forms.

Believe me, we want to help you but we also want to avoid giving you medications or treatments that you may be allergic to or that you have an adverse event to.

Rest assured, we are all trained in First Aid and in handling Medical Emergencies. We even have an emergency bag, defibrillator and oxygen at our practice.

3. We have high standards

At iDental Surgery, we pride ourselves on high-quality dentistry. We wouldn’t recommend a treatment that we would not perform on ourselves or our family.

You may come in with a dental problem that you know, or that we find. Our goal is to help you understand what is going on and your options for resolving that issue. 

We use digital x-rays, clinical judgement, our 3D scanner to take photos of your teeth and our cameras to take lots of photos of your teeth and face.

Everything we get stays safe within your digital file. Our practice is as digital as you can get. You’ll even notice televisions and screens in our treatment rooms.

A little note on x-rays, if we recommend them it is because we cannot see beneath your gums or between your teeth with our naked eye. When you come for your first hygiene visit, we will recommend at least two small x-rays called bitewings and will give you an OPG x-ray order form to have an OPG taken at an imaging centre of your choice.

Why? Because x-rays are the only way that your dentist can check what is going on beneath the surface of your teeth. You’d be surprised what we have picked up in x-rays that have surprised us and our patients. And have led to positive outcomes as we can catch things early.

4. We invite you to ask questions

Our dentists and all of our team want you to know what we know and to understand our recommendations for you. Please don’t be afraid to approach us during your visit. We strive to talks with you at every visit.  Though sometimes using our dentistry vocabulary is unavoidable. We will aim to show you images of your teeth, what we propose and help you be confident with what is going on.

If you’re anxious, ask us about happy gas. If you don’t like needles, ask us about topical numbing gel or our wand. If you are interested in having more than just your teeth and mouth treated, ask us how we can improve your smile with anti-wrinkle injections or threads, HydraFacial and skincare treatments. We would love to do a facial skin analysis scan for you. We are all about the face after all.

5. Patients of all ages are welcome

iDental Surgery prides itself in seeing both our little and big patients. As a family-run dental practice, of course, we love seeing families. Though, we may recommend different visiting days or times particularly if you are a family with various members coming in to see us. And please don’t take it personally if we ask that visitors remain outside or in the waiting room. We must stay COVID-safe so as to preserve your safety and the safety of our team. 

You’re in great hands, no matter which of our dentists are taking care of you. I have three very young children and will be around the practice but may not necessarily personally treat you each time. I am very much at the practice each day, so you may see me in the waiting room or in the corridor. Know that I am aware of your each and every treatment need. And I am very honoured that you chose our practice.

To help make your visit less stressful, we have included transport and parking information in our FAQs.

We will be taking bookings in the coming weeks and would love to get in touch with you.

5 Things To Know About Your First Dental Visit With Us