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Tips For Healthy Teeth During Isolation

With many Australians currently at home in isolation, it is vital that we remember to take care of our teeth during these times. Here are four simple steps to ensuring your mouth remains healthy until things return to normal.

Always remember to do the following each & every day whilst at home:

It sounds like the simplest of tasks, yet most of us barely manage to brush once per day. Now you (should) have some more time on your hands, so brushing two times per day should not be too difficult to achieve.

Yes, that is once each & every day. Some like to skip a few days, but trust us. Your dentist can always tell if somebody has been flossing regularly not not.

We understand. It is so easy to slip into the routine of eating comfort food during isolation. However, always remember that society will return to normal and you will be able to once again venture outside. Putting the weight on is a lot easier than working the weight off.

Similar to above, it is vital to minimise the amount of sugars impacting your teeth each day. A simple solution is to cut out all soft drinks & sports drinks with water (plus it’s much cheaper).

But of course, all of the above is easier said than done. If you or a family member requires urgent dental attention, simply get in touch with your nearest dental professional via the Australian Dental Association’s online directory here.

Tips For Healthy Teeth During Isolation