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King Street Carnival 2022

Celebrating All Things King Street

The King Street Carnival (KSC) is the natural evolution of The Crawl and will see it grow from the one day ‘Crawl’ format to a 3 day underground music and arts city festival.

The Carnival will expand into the parks that surround Newtown, taking over parts of Sydney Park and Camperdown Memorial Rest park to create outdoor concert style stages showcasing some of Australia’s most well-loved and up-and-coming artists.

Further to this the event will bring into play the multitude of venues, small bars and pubs dotted along King street and surrounds and shine a spotlight on the area’s incredible food and beverage scene.

Building on the success of King Street Crawl and highlighting the rich and multicultural tapestry that the Inner West has to offer, King Street Carnival opens up opportunities for the local creative communities and emerging artists to be discovered by festival goers and music lovers alike.

The King Street Carnival is the brain child of The Music and Booze Company.

Full line-up & event details can be found at

King Street Carnival 2022