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We understand that no one’s every excited when their dentist tells them they need a filling, however it is a super important step in maintaining long-term oral health and preventing larger, more expensive procedures. There are a few reasons someone will need a filling, the most common being to remove decay or repair cracks.

What Is Decay?

Inside our mouths there are millions of bacteria and some of them can cause tooth decay. These bacteria live off the sugars on our teeth and create acid which dissolves our tooth enamel. Overtime these bacteria eat away at the tooth making it more fragile and create holes in the teeth. If a tooth is cracked it can allow this bacteria to get to the deep layers of the tooth.

Why Do You Need A Filling?

There are several layers to your teeth, the first being the enamel layer, decay in this layer doesn’t always require a filling as it can generally heal itself through good oral hygiene and the use of fluoride products. However, if the decay continues into the dentin layer of the teeth, then it becomes a cavity and a filling is needed in order to protect tooths integrity. If decay is left untreated it will continue to eat away at the tooth and could eventually reach the nerves which is painful and can require root canal treatment or removal.

What Is A Filling?

A filling is done by removing the decaying tooth and filling it with material to support the tooth. Fillings can be made of several materials. Here at iDental we favor using a composite material. This material is durable, tooth colored and wont crack or discolor teeth like amalgam fillings. Click here to watch a quick video on the composite filling process.

How Long Does A Filling Last?

This is a tricky question to answer because it really depends on the individual’s oral hygiene. Generally, we say between 5 to 10 years before a composite filling starts to fail. Things like not brushing your teeth, a poor diet or teeth grinding can all reduce how long a filling last.

For more information on tooth fillings click here.

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