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Crowns: Everything You Need To Know

When teeth get too damaged for a filling, they might just need some royal treatment. Crowns are a tooth shaped ‘cap ‘that are cemented to a prepared tooth which is likely badly broken, cracked or decayed. A crown can also be used to hold together a tooth which is structurally weak such as a root treated tooth or one where over half the tooth is a filling. A crown gives a very damaged tooth a second chance to eat and chew.

Treatment Steps For A Crown

For most people getting a crown takes two appointments.

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Bottom Image Source: Crown completed by Dr. Vicky Prokopiou to replace a large, cracked silver filling.
Appointment One

The tooth is closely examined, tested and x-rays to ensure the roots of the tooth are healthy, otherwise a root canal might need to be performed first. Next an impression of the tooth is made which will be used to make the temporary crown that will be worn until your second appointment. A 3D scan of the mouth is taken, and the dentist will also make note of the tooth colour so the final crown can be perfectly matched.

Following this, the tooth is prepared into a ‘top hat’ which is carved in a specific way to that the crown fits securely. You’ll be numbed so you won’t feel a thing but you might hear some buzzing and feel the vibrations from the tiny drill. A final scan is taken and a temporary crown is placed to cover the tooth while we wait for the final crown to be made. The temporary crown is delicate and only made to last around 2 weeks.

Here at iDental Surgery, we mill our own crowns in-house,. This means you won’t have to wait longer than a week for your crown – sometimes we can get it completed the same day! The final crown will be made of ceramic, such as zirconia, which is strong, durable and behaves similar to natural teeth.

Appointment Two

Once the crown has been milled, we bring you back in to fit the final crown. First step is taking off the temporary crown, usually it flicks off easily, other times the dentist might need to cut it off in a few bits. The tooth is washed and dried before trying on the crown to make sure everything fits perfectly. Then the crown is cemented onto the natural tooth and voilà! We have a brand-new tooth!

What To Expect After a Crown?

Expect some discomfort and sensitivity for the next week while the crown settles. Your gums will likely be irritated from us poking around. Using a sensitive toothpaste can help with this. It’s a new normal for your mouth and at first, biting down on the crown might cause some discomfort. However, if biting down after 2 weeks still doesn’t feel right it is best to see your dentist. Pain from biting down is usually because the crown is too high, in this case it can be easily fixed.

How Long Does A Crown Last?

A crown can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years as long as you maintain good oral hygiene (that means brushing and flossing everyday) and seeing your dentist every 6 months. The crown can fall off, in this cause try to hold onto the crown and bring it to your dentist straight away. Usually, we can re-cement it, otherwise a new crown might need to be made.

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Crowns: Everything You Need To Know

Dental crowns can be made of porcelain or metal. They are strong restorations that aim to preserve a tooth and help it last longer as well as look fresh. They’re great for teeth with strong roots that are discoloured, out of line, have many or large white fillings or that have been root canal treated.

A few visits are required and they can even be a few hours apart on the same day! Our crowns are designed and made onsite at iDental Surgery. We take many photos and use our 3D scanner to take in all the information that we need to artistically create your new crown(s).

 It is very exciting to be using the latest technology to scan and design your new smile.

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