iDental Surgery is the home of HydraFacial, Aliki Skin + Care and Clairderm. We also offer anti-wrinkle treatments and lip enhancement. We believe in treatment that is not just focused on teeth. Face the world with confidence knowing that we can help you feel fabulous.

A smile involves the whole face. When you smile, speak and express yourself, your lips, cheeks, eyes, teeth, nose, forehead and chin all work together. Over time the harmony of your facial features, including your mouth changes. Our goal alongside yours is to achieve healthy skin that glows and that feels fresh.

Your face is what everyone sees. We are all about helping you achieve a relaxed, healthy, vibrant and natural look.

This is why we are here to give your whole face an uplifting glow and balanced look and feel.

Our Clairderm® Skin Analyser will help you see and understand your skin health beneath your skin’s surface. The various images that we take are used alongside our clinical skills to help guide you and to restore your skin’s health.

We will endeavour to identify skin hydration levels, blocked pores/congestion, any effects of sun damage or ageing.

Our experienced and caring team will make various treatment recommendations tailored to your needs.

Treatments will include LED Light therapy, a rejuvenating + relaxing HydraFacial with Perk treatment, anti-wrinkle and skin rehydrating injections. Remember that you must also follow a good skincare routine at home. Together with clinical treatments and home skincare routine you can have the best skin of your life.

Skincare tip #1: Be sure to double cleanse with an oil-free moisturiser, moisturise and wear sunscreen daily.