My Skin + Care Consultation

Skin + Care Analysis

Dr Vicky and her team believe that a thorough skin analysis is the best way to formulate the most uniquely tailored treatment plan for you. At your first visit, you will receive a thorough Skin + Care Consultation. Using our skin analyser you will be able to see your skin! It is important to get to know your skin.

Skin + Care Consultation

You may be wondering why you have to answer so many questions at or prior to your first skin + care visit. It is important that Dr Vicky and her expert team have as much detail as possible so that they can identify your skincare needs and give you the best treatment options for your skin concerns and/or skin condition. 

Only the best technology is used to analyse and treat your skin concerns. We believe in informed decision-making and want you to completely understand your condition and embrace your treatment plan.

Treatments are evidence-based. And will sometimes require you to see your dietician, dermatologist, general practitioner or naturopath as there may be additional more complex medical treatment required for your condition.