Perk™ Eye Treatment

Perk™ is a a new and exciting specifically designed treatment for your tired, wrinkly, dehydrated eyes. The highly targeted procedure removes the surface epidermal layer of dead skin cells and its impurities. At the same time it delivers antioxidant nutrients to rejuvenate your eyes.

Do I have to have a HydraFacial® at the same time as Perk™ treatments?

The fabulous thing about Perk™ is that you can have treatment alone or with a HydraFacial®

Best results of course are when you treat all of your skin and décolletage with the best facial of your life, a rejuvenating, purifying and exfoliating HydraFacial®.

How do I maintain results at home?

You will have your very own vial of nourishing antioxidants during treatment and you will take the remainder of the vial home to use over following weeks.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment time with Perk™ is about 10 minutes.

Can I use the same vial on my lips?

No. Specific lip nutrient-rich vials are used to hydrate and plump your lips.

Can I have other skin treatments at the same visit?

Of course. Best results are achieved when it is combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures. 

How often do I come in for Perk™ treatment?

Perk™ is recommended monthly for 6 sessions, then every 3-4 months thereafter or as often as you would like!

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