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Cleaning Between Your Teeth

Gone are the days when dentists solely relied on flossing to get between your teeth. These days your tools are limitless. You’ve got floss, flossettes, water flossers, interproximal brushes.

Recent studies have shown that using the Waterpik® is just as good, if not better than floss to get in those tricky areas and remove the food and plaque that gets stuck there. Learn more about Waterpik here.

You may like to try a variety of tools and see which tools are easy for you to use.

Yes, a water flosser may be messy, but floss is too! Our Waterpik Cordless Advanced Pro is made to be used in the shower. Find out how much easier it is to flush your mouth with water vs. wrapping floss around your fingers. 

As long as you brush at least twice daily using a soft toothbrush and clean between your teeth at least daily, you’re on your way to good oral health. And the great thing is that you can use the water from your ozonated water device in your water flosser! What an amazing way to blast out the bugs and maintain your healthy mouth from our practice to your home!

It’s great for those undergoing orthodontic treatment, those who just can’t get the hang of floss, implants, arthritis, for everyone.

We have the waterproof Cordless Advanced Pro Waterpik available to help you make keeping your oral health more efficient. This Waterpik can be used in the shower. And is rechargable. Plus, it’s way more powerful than the ones you get elsewhere. This is the professional version of choice. 

You can use a combination of tools that work for you.

Check out the flossing video below to see how professional flosser & Principal Dentist Dr. Vicky Prokopiou recommends it’s done.

Which are you going to choose? Chat with us today on (02) 9557 7775 and pick up your tools of choice.

Here’s the proof.