General Dentistry

preventative & General Dentistry

Oral hygiene includes but is not limited to brushing and flossing. Many tools are available for you to achieve optimal oral hygiene. iDental Surgery staff are highly trained in instructing you to have a healthy mouth. Together with your dentist you can work towards having a healthy smile.

Digital Imaging

There are many situations where x-rays are necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment. Reasons for x-rays include monitoring at check-up, toothache, decay, periodontal (gum) disease, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth, extractions and accidents.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
& Tooth Extractions

We do all general and impacted wisdom teeth extractions right here. No need for a referral and no need to travel.

Root Canals

Our endodontic treatment can help to save a dying tooth rather than have it removed completely.

Children's Dentistry

We make visiting the dentist fun with plenty of toys & colouring activities in our Kids Corner. Plus your child will enjoy their experience with TV's in every surgery.

Custom-made Mouthguards

iDental Surgery can custom make a mouthguard to suit your sporting needs. They can be coloured or clear and labelled with your name.

Emergency Dental

Don't put up with sore teeth and pain. Especially if you are experiencing facial swelling or dental trauma. Give us a call right away & we will prioritise your appointment.


Ideally, regular dental visits can minimise the chance of you experiencing decay or cavaties. However, if you do require repair we can treat it.


Nobody likes gaps in a smile. Arrange an appointment today to learn how we can restore your smile with the help of modern dentures.